Fix Warning sizeof() with PHPThumb, Yii2, PHP 7.2

This entry was posted in Yii2 on 2018-07-30 by Eddy

When I upgraded my server to PHP7.2 , I had this issue:

Warning: sizeof(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /path/to/project/vendor/masterexploder/phpthumb/src/PHPThumb/GD.php on line

I found a solution there:

Let's do it

In composer.json

"masterexploder/phpthumb" : "dev-master#9a58407dca8748c3a20bc8143db56aff357bdf91"

Update Composer in SSH

composer update 
It's working now


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i am so satisfacted. greetings wally

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