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As a fullstack web developer, I'm specialized in Web Development and Mobile Development.
Frontend, backend, database, rest API… I can work on any kind of project.
All my websites are responsive, SEO friendly, speed tested and come with administration interface simple and intuitive.
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Sphere of competence

Set up and manage projects, advise and orient client, deliver a high quality code... It's my job and my passion. I enrich the Web with new websites and applications. All services I propose respect a quality charter based on standards and international conventions, on open source, and constant search of last tools and technologies.
I have developed a range of services in development, creation of websites, Web based applications, mobile apps..

Open Source Technologies

I propose a software development method based on Open Source who offer access to the final product's code. With Open Source, the client is completely free, this liberty give him right to use, copy, distribute, edit and improve the product. This solutions offer a great flexibility for any future development or improvement.
Use Open Source guaranty the clients to be the only owner of their product and be independent from any structure or company. Open Source won more than 90% of administrations and organisations, it is in full expansion and doesn't stop to progress, it represents a huge advantage about private solutions.

There is many motivations for implement a strategy based on Open Source Technologies.


The very low cost and more often the free access to Open Source solutions allows to generate more benefits or save money for others resources, for example marketing, SEO...


Open Source solutions very quickly understood the interest of adopting and respecting web standards, communicated by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).


The compatibility with the biggest solutions of the market and thus the interoperability with the other products that they are proprietary or Open Source allows a great flexibility.

W3C Standards

Projects are tested and validated to respect W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. A website build to W3C standards benefit from many assets, notably SEO (Search Engine Optimization) who accelerate natural indexing of your website on Search Engines.
This acceleration is due to the fact that the search engines, during their visits of the pages and the reading of the source code, recognize a logic and especially a standard. They will spend less time browsing the pages and thus integrate them into their index.


All websites that I realize use the HTTPS protocol and are provided with an SSL certificate that guaranty the security of the information exchanged between your website and the users.
An SSL certificate guarantees you a better confidence on the part of the users. It also allows a better natural referencing, google displaying in priority secure internet websites.


The loading speed of a website is important for 2 reasons:

  • Users have access to countless websites on the internet, they do not want to waste time finding what they need.
  • Search engines take into account the page loading time of websites for SEO.

I use the latest technologies and standards to guarantee optimal loading time and are regularly tested with performance test tools.


Visual Identity

Consumers associate great design with credibility and are loyal to brands with great design.
My goal in any project is to create an identifiable look for your company that creates a strong feeling of attraction between your customers and your brand.

UI/UX Interface

It's very important that the user find easily the information he is looking for on your website.
That's why I create simple, ergonomic and efficient user interfaces.


All our websites are responsive.
With responsive design, the layout of the website will scale from smaller screens of mobile, tablets and small laptops, to the standard desktop screen and even larger monitors.



I carry all kinds of websites.
Showcase, real estate, e-commerce, blog... I have a solution adapted for each kind of project.
All my websites are SEO Friendly and come with a backend who allows you to manage your pages, articles, products...

Web App

I can realize all kinds of Web Applications according your specific needs I can realize all kinds of application.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Agenda, Chatbot...
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Mobile App

I use the latest technologies to create IOS and Android compatible mobile apps.
Based on Javascript (Node.jS and Vue.js), my solution allows me to reduce development time and costs compared to a specific development for each platform.


I advise you to choose the best domain name for your business.
I can manage the purchase or transfer of your domain name on your behalf and guarantee the respect of your property and privacy.


My Email service comes with many great features:
• with all devices and clients
• The ability to sync across multiple devices
• Mailing lists for prospect clients and send newsletters


When you want to create a professional website, it is essential to find a host who can store and protect data in a reliable and secure way.
this is what I offer you thanks to my solid knowledge in web hosting and security.


A website should be updated for make consumers want to come back. It can be done by adding some features or updating media and content.
If you already have a website, I can advise you how to improve it and make it more attractive.


One of the worst things can happen to your company is have your website down.
We regularly manage backups, and receive alerts in case of problem, so we can react really fast to restore data or fix any issue.


User doesn't want waste his time, he want the right information right now. That's why loading time of your website must be optimized.
I use professional tools to evaluate and improve the performances of your website. For exemple, you can see the page speed score of this website by clicking here

Natural Indexing

All my projects respect W3C standard and are optimized for natural indexing.
I take care meta tags, code and content optimization, links to and from social networks, to be sure your website will correctly be indexed in search engines.

Google addWords

Google is the most used search engine since long time, and this is not ready to change.
With Google AdWords, I help you to promote your company, facilitate the sale of your products and services and increase traffic to your website.

Facebook Adds

Facebook is not only a social network, it's a performing webmarketing lever.
I help you to target people likely be interested by your brand, your products or your services.
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